You agree to all of the following Terms & Conditions.

We cannot Guarantee the exact day and time when the IMDB will include your Credit, and add it to TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. We can only Guarantee that we will Submit your IMDB Credit, as soon as we recieve your Payment. If your Credit is not appearing after 7 days, please contact us, and we will submit your credit again, and also contact the IMDB support Team. So far we have had no problems with the IMDB, with the exception, that sometimes the IMDB can be a little on the slow side, to update their data base.

You must e-mail us and let us know if you are already on the IMDB, so we can include your current IMDB Credit. If you are not on the IMDB, it can sometimes take a little longer for your name to be updated to the Internet Movie Data Base.

Please let us know excatly how you want your name to appear, on the TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE IMDB Movie Page, if you are currently not on the IMDB, and this is how we will also have your name appear, on the beginning, and end credits of the movie, as well as the movie poster, Blurays, and/or dvd’s, and anywhere the movie credits appear, if you have purchased the Movie Poster Plan.

You agree that you will pay your Airfare, food and Accommodations to the World Premiere of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE, if you are going to attend the World Premiere. We cannot guarantee which city the World Premiere will be taking place. However, we will Guarantee your VIP PASSES, that are included with your purchase.

We make no claims, and you agree that you are not sharing in any profits of the Movie, under any of the Offers, with the exception of the Executive Producer Profit Sharing Plan, in which you must contact us for further details, if you are interested in sharing in any of the Profits. This is a different process, and we will let you know what steps to take next, if you are interested in sharing in any potential profits, of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE.

You agree to hold Exosphere Motion Pictures, all Investors, Director Barry J. Gillis, Licencors, Licencees, Distribution Companies and all Entities doing business with Exosphere Motion Pictures, harmless of any claims, liability, or harm, due to your purchase, this also includes, Sub Distributors, Assignee’s, Assigners, Affiliates, etc.

You agree that there are sometimes glitches with the Internet, e-mail programs, human error, etc, etc, and if you are not getting regular updates from us, as promised when you purchased one of the Offers, you can contact us, and we will do our best to solve the problem. You also agree if you purchased any of the Plans with someone elses, e-mail, to send us an e-mail, letting us know your current e-mail, so we can contact you at anytime, about the spelling of your name, or if we have to contact you for any reason, to do with your purchase, and agree to keep us updated, for any reason, we may have to contact you about your purchase, or to double check, how your name should appear, if need be,

You agree that with any movie production, there can be changes in shooting schedules, plans, etc, etc and for one reason or another, (although we plan on having the movie released in the summer of 2020), it could take longer. Sometimes post production takes longer than expected, and sometimes things happen that are out of our control. We will be doing our best to stick to our schedule, and plan to complete TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE for a summer 2020 release, but if it takes longer than expected, you agree that these are the conditions of the Movie Industry, and hold us harmless from all claims, and legal matters, to do with the movie production.*

You agree that human errors can, occur, and to hold us harmless from any and all human errors, if your name is spelled wrong, for example, and not included on an Edition of the Movie Poster, when it should be, we will do everything we can to make sure the next Edition of the Poster, Bluray, DVD, Movie, Artwork, or whatever it may concern, includes your name properly spelled, or in the case of not being included, to be now included, in the next Edition of the Poster, Bluray, DVD, Movie, Artwork, etc, if brought to our attention. We take all precautions, and double, and triple check names, and Graphic Designs, and do everything we can to ensure that this never happens, and chances are, it will never happen, but you agree that we are not liable, if anything like this ever occurs.

You agree, if chosen for one of the acting roles, you must be a professional on the Movie Set. We will not tolerate no shows, and you could be fired for not showing up to the Movie Set on time, or causing trouble on the Movie Set.

You agree, if chosen for one of the acting roles, to pay your airfare, to and from Edmonton, Canada. We agree to take care of your food, and accommodations, while you are in Edmonton Acting in the movie. This includes at least one night before we shoot the scenes that you are in, and one day after the shoot.

You agree that if you are chosen for an acting role, to come to the Movie Set prepared, and knowing your lines. We understand that people are only human, and can sometimes forget their lines. Even the greatest Actors, and Actresses, can forget their lines sometimes. But, we want you to be prepared as much as you possibly can.

You also agree if chosen for an acting role, that you will talk to the Director of the Movie over the phone, (or Video Chat) about your part, and keep the lines of communication open for the Director, Producers, Production Assistants, etc, etc.

You agree that if you are chosen for an acting role, and cannot make it to the Movie Set, for one reason or another, (including emergencies, etc, etc) that the show must go on, and we cannot reschedule more shooting dates to accommodate you.

You agree that if you are chosen for a role, you will sign a Release form, giving us all of the legal rights to film you. This will include any behind the Scenes footage that you may be in, Publicity Photos, etc etc.

No Refunds, or Exchanges ALL SALES ARE FINAL