It can typically take 2 to 7 days, and sometimes a little longer. We cannot predict exactly when the IMDB will add your name, and your Movie Credit, as it depends on the IMDB. However, everyone we have added to the IMDB so far, for TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE, has appeared fairly quickly. Typically if your name is already on the IMDB it should appear quite fast. If this is your first time, you are being added to the IMDB, it could take a little longer. Also, if your Credit Card Name, or Paypal Name is different than the Name you want us to use for the Movie. Also please send us an e-mail, and let us know how you would like your name to appear on the IMDB, as well as on the Beginning, and End Credits of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. This is up to you to let us know.

TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE is now Fully Shot, and currently in Post Production.

We would like to have the World Premiere in Los Angeles, New York City, or Toronto, at one of the bigger Film Festivals. However, we cannot predict where and when the World Premiere of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE will Screen until after the Movie is completed. We will let you know well in advance, about where the World Premiere will be taking place.

As soon as Post Production is Completed, there will be a World Premiere Date Set, and Distribution will follow soon after. All of our Movies have had World Wide Distribution.

Once you become a part of the movie, by either becoming an Associate Producer, Co-Producer, Executive Producer, or becoming an Actor in the Movie, Etc… you are added to our special e-mail list for insiders. We will up date you every now and then, about everything that is happening. You will also get information, the regular public does not know about. Once you get involved with us, we see you as a part of our team. Also, once you become a part of our team, we will answer any questions,  you may have about the Film Industry, and how to navigate your career, and provide you with as much information as we can, to help guide your future. Please check your Junk/Spam e-mail inbox, and update us, if the e-mail we have on file is one you rarely check or use. If you used someone else’s e-mail when you contributed, we need to know your e-mail. So please let us know, so we can let you know the link to the online Screener of the Movie when the time comes, and other updates. It is up to you, to communicate with us, and let us know your e-mail, and to check your inbox, as well as spam folder.