Act in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. Become an Associate Producer, Co-Producer, or Executive Producer today. Your name will be on the Beginning & End Credits of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE, and listed on the Internet Movie Data Base as fast as possible. There are also other Fantastic Opportunities. See everything under PRICING

To be considered for an Acting Role, you must have a link to your Acting Reel, or send us a Cell Phone Video. ***You must have your Associate Producer Credit, to be considered for an Acting Role.*** Please DO NOT send us links to Acting Reels, etc, or inquire about the Acting Roles, unless you are already an Associate Producer of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. CLICK HERE TO BECOME AN ASSOCIATE PRODUCER RIGHT AWAY.

Once you have your Associate Producer Credit CONTACT US and tell us you want to Act in the Movie. We will guide you along the way from there, and let you know the easy steps to take next.

All 4 Stories in the Feature Length Movie Anthology have been shot. The Final Shooting Dates are Oct 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2020 in Edmonton, Canada. The only thing left to Shoot, is the Main Story/Wrap Around Story that ties all 4 Stories, in the Feature Film Anthology together. Your Contribution to the Production, helps us offset Filming costs. CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF GREAT PERKS & EVERYTHING WE HAVE FOR YOU.