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Maybe you have always dreamed of being in a Movie, or as an Aspiring Actor or Actress, you to go to Auditions, always hoping to land some kind of Role in a Movie. You are always hoping to be discovered. Many of you spend lots of money, taking Acting Courses, Workshops, and spend money on Headshots, Acting Reels, and doing all you can to Promote Yourself. You are always hoping that you will land an Agent, or hoping to get a better Agent. You are always hoping Casting Agents, and Producers, and Directors, will get back to you. 

There is no hoping anymore. You can be a News Anchor in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE, and appear for at least one minute of Screen Time, in the Movie. A News Anchor Role is available for the Main Story that ties all of the Stories together in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE, which is a Feature Length Film Anthology. The News Anchor Role is Only $695.00 USD.  You must either a) have prior Acting Experience with an Acting Reel, so we can see your Acting ability, or b) You must be willing Video Tape yourself on a Cell Phone. 

If chosen, you will need someone to Shoot your Role as News Anchor, (or set up a Camera Yourself) You will sit in front of a Green Screen, (or Green Background) so that we can add in the News Studio in Post Production. You will appear in the Movie for at least one minute. (At least one minute of Final Screen Time) You can Shoot your Role as News Anchor, anywhere in the World.

You will be given your Lines, and Guided, by Director Barry J. Gillis. As soon as you complete your Role as News Anchor, the News Room will replace the Green Background, and you will appear on Television doing a News Report, in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. 

We will put you in a Role, as long as we know, you will be able to play the Role, even if you have very little experience, or never Acted before. We will guide you along the way. To be considered for the Role as a News Anchor, you must be at the very least an Associate Producer of the Movie. (You can sign up as an Associate Producer, at the link below) 

After you have purchased your Associate Producer Credit. We will know that you are serious about this great opportunity, and we will check out your Acting Reel, or Accept a Cell Phone Video from you, showing us your Acting Ability. 

 *** We don’t have time to go through hundreds and hundreds of Acting Reels, etc, for those of you who are only looking for Feedback, and/or who are trying to get involved through the back door without contributing. So this is why you have to get your Associate Producer Credit first. ***

Just send us an e-mail and let us know, you want to be a News Anchor in the Movie, after you have your Associate Producer Credit. We will then let you know the easy next steps, to take advantage of this fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity. 

By becoming a News Anchor you help us offset costs of the Final Shoot. The entire Movie is shot, with the exception of the Main Story, which ties all of the Stories in the Anthology together. The Final Shoot Dates are Oct 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2020.  

You will also receive an Acting Credit, on the IMDB, and on the Beginning and End Credits, of the Movie. You will also receive 6 World Premiere VIP Passes, to the World Premiere of TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. (City To be Announced in the future) 

You will also get a Private Link to see the Movie Online when released. PLEASE DO NOT SEND US LINKS TO YOUR ACTING REELS, VIDEOS, ETC, unless you have your Associate Producer Credit first. 

Your Associate Producer Credit, also builds your IMDB Credits, and your name will appear as an Associate Producer, on the Beginning, and End Credits of the Movie. And last, but not least… A Movie lasts forever… and you will live on forever, as a Movie Actor who Starred in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. Live your Dreams, and get started right away


Get your Associate Producer Credit first, Only $95 Dollars. Click Here to Get It Now.

Once you have your Associate Producer Credit, Contact us, and let us know that you would like to be a News Anchor in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. We will then let you know the easy steps to take next. (Only $495) Take Action Now, and  Be a News Anchor in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE.